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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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65 degrees is the current temperature. winds at 11 miles per hour gusting up to 15 or 20 miles per hour. a little bit on the breezy side. raw out there this afternoon. the doppler radar showing the heavy rain north of baltimore and shower activity toward the washington, d.c. area and down around culpeper. look at the immediate washington area. bethesda and fairfax and tyson's corner seeing shower activity. manassas, you are seeing that, too. southern maryland seeing shower activity at this moment. we are going to continue to see that throughout the rest of the evening. most of the rain is moving out. showers in behind this system. we are going to continue to watch for that. current temperatures on the cool side. 63 in leesburg. 66 in fredericksburg. the forecast looking at temperatures on the cool side. 61. areas of fog. yes, more showers out there. the showers aren't the only thing in the forecast.
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a lot of changes coming up over the next couple days. i'll explain them. >> doug, thank you. she'll remain behind bars for now. the woman accused of stabbing a shopper outside a target yesterday will be held without bond. according to court papers, she confessed to the crime. her similarities to a similar attack six years ago. chris gordon joinins us with mo on the story. chris? >> reporter: life in prison is the maximum sentence facing this suspect in this case. as a result of the stabbing that occurs here at target yesterday. the victim was loading groceries into her vehicle in the target parking lot when she attacked without prop indication according to court documents. she gave a written confession says she did not know the victim. she appeared by closed circuit
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tv from the detention center and was read her charges by the judge. first degree murder with a possibility of life sentence. they carry the possibility of seven years. after she was charged with stabbing two people in 2005 she was found not criminally responsible. she was sent to the mental hospital and released 60 days ago to a half way house. the new charges are being handled by the prince george's county state's office. >> we are concerned about her being dangerous. we certainly believe she poses a threat to the community and we would like to make sure she's not able to harm another citizen and she should be held for so long as it's appropriate to keep our community safe. >> starks is seen on a store camera trying to buy knives when
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her purchase was declined. she grabbed the bag with the knives and walked to the target where the attack occurred. pat brown, who wrote the book "the profiler" feels starks planned the cold-blooded attack. >> this was a premeditated murder. she clearly went to the store to get those knives. the same thing she used in the last attack. >> reporter: the victim in this stabbing has been named in court papers but news 4 has decided not to make here name public at this time. she's a local woman, lives a mile or two away. i spoke to her husband this afternoon. he says she is in stable condition. they thank god it wasn't where she was stabbed in the neck and torso. he told me this face-to-face. at this point, he didn't want to appear on camera. that's the latest.
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back to you, jim. >> chris gordon live for us. thank you, chris. a raid in a quiet leesburg, virginia neighborhood nabbed a man accused of spying for the syrian government, taping protesters in our ree john. elaine joins us for more on this. >> it's not illegal to video tape protests, but they charged him with conspireing to act as an agent of the syrian government. it is against the law of doing that and not notify the u.s. attorney general. he's charged with making false statements and giving a false address during the recent purchase of a handgun. the accusations are serious. still wearing street clothes, he told a federal judge he wanted to hire his own attorney. for now, he'll remain in federal custody. in a 15-page indictment, he collected both video and audio
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of people protesting against the syrian government then passed it along to them to use it to silence them. the indictment describes a recent trip to syria. a meeting between them and an e-mail in washington, d.c. >> not really, just waving and saying hi. >> reporter: neighbors say he lives in a rented home in leesburg, virginia with his wife and children. this neighbor lives across the street and saw federal agents raid his home yesterday. >> there were a lot of vehicles up and down the road and people going in and out of the house. obviously, with forensic materials and that kind of thing. >> we knew something was going on. they had been following him quite awhile. >> reporter: this is a photo of him from his twitter page. there are five tweets from january. forces say he worked at a
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variety of car dealerships. >> it's bizarre to have it happen across the street from you and scary because who knows, you know, if you can't trust your neighbors i don't know what you are supposed to do. >> today, the syrian embassy released a statement and denied they worked for the government. it called the accusation to intimidate u.s. citizens baseless and unacceptable. back to you. >> thanks. the white house says it will push for a new sanction against iran in the role to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. two suspects are charged, one is in custody. he lives in texas. his estranged wife came to his defense today. she doesn't believe the charges against him. his neighbors say he had been acting strangely. >> always was in the front yard
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talking on the phone, walking, pacing the front yard every day. >> he was different. he would come outside at night, talk loud on the telephone in a different language. paced the sidewalk, smoked cigarettes. >> neighbors say their attempts to be neighborly were not well received. >> the so-called underwear bomber pleaded guilty to the failed underwear bombing in court today. umar farouk abdulmutallab called the bomb a blessed weapon. abdulmutallab planted explosives in his underwear hoping to blow up a detroit bound airliner on christmas of 2009. abdulmutallab was badly burned and is facing a mandatory life sentence. a developing story out of oakton, virginia. a man tried to abduct a
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16-year-old girl as she walked to school this morning. it happened around the intersection of blake lane and palmer street. the man talked to her, then asked her to get into his car. when she refused, the suspect grabbed her and attempted to force her inside the car. police are looking for a white, four-door vehicle with a baby on board sign on the driver's side. a guilty verdict in a case that led to a controversial crackdown. two men charged in the triple murder in the trinidad neighborhood were found guilty by jurors. they were shot and killed at a bp gas station back in may of '08. the murders were among 22 that happened in that area that year. the case led to a controversial initiative at the trinidad neighborhood where police set up check points and turned away people who didn't have a legitimate reason for being in the neighborhood. well, the rain sure makes it
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miserable out there. protesters are taking their place in downtown, d.c. the mayor announced plans for their own demonstration. tom sherwood is live at freedom plaza where it looks like it's going to get crowded. tom? >> reporter: it is going to get crowded. it's mess out here weather wise. more protests rain or shine. the weather hasn't stopped the protest. the protesters are happy they won't be evicted for weeks or months. at a pep rally news conference, mayor vincent gray outlined plans for d.c. voting on freedom plaza as part of the martin luther king dedication weekend. >> we want the president to be a vocal advocate. >> the mayor and city officials
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welcome the protesters despite effects on traffic. >> you are asking a mayor or congressman if this is disruptive. the answer is hell yeah, it's disruptive. that's the purpose of civil disobedience. >> they have been very cooperative with us. it's been helpful for us. we are concerned when there's roadblockages for ambulances and fire trucks. >> reporter: she says police are fully prepared for the weekend mix of good weather and multifaceted protests along with the thousands of people for the martin luther king memorial. >> help folks cross the streets and out of metro, things like that. >> reporter: metro is going to open two hours early, 5:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. it's going
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to add more training, as many as eight on most lines. i'm tom sherwood, live on the freedom plaza. back to you, wendy. >> thank you, tom. walmart signed the first lease to open a store in the district. right now, d.c. residents have to go to virginia or maryland to shop. they announced plans to open four stores in the city by the end of next year. now, they have signed elise for the former chevrolet dealership at georgia avenue and missouri in northwest. back in august, walmart announced plans to invest $3 million to train thousands of d.c. workers for retail jobs. still ahead on news 4 at 5:00, one man facing a laundry list of charges after a police chase. a change in strategy.
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defense is backing off a claim in the conrad murray manslaughter trial. >> they are looking right through you. they don't know it's me. shopping in
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but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. looks like first lady michelle obama is a secret shopper. she says she sneaks out of the white house more than you think. she was spotted in a target
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store last month. she spent 40 minutes shopping. during an appearance, she told al roker, it's nothing new. >> quiet as it's kept, all though not so quiet, i do it more frequently than people realize. it's amazing how people don't recognize you. they don't expect to see you at starbucks. i took bo to petco. the cashier asked me, what kind of dog is that? i said a portuguese water dog. he didn't recognize us. >> trips outside the white house help her and her daughters maintain a sense of normalcy. now we know what to look for. >> i think i saw his picture on the wall of dogs at petsmart. it's wednesday and we are asking what's your work out.
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you need a hula hoop. remember them? >> i think i remember a video of mrs. obama doing that. in this class in d.c., you work your core by swiveling and having fun with that plastic ring we all remember from childhood. >> relax your shoulders. relax your hands. beautiful. hula hooping is exploration of movement in the body with a hoop. many times people can't hoop on the waist, so you basically can hoop anywhere on your body or around the hoop or inside of the hoop. we use our arms, legs, necks. then a lot of range of motion within the joints creates a core strength in a huge way. so, as your muscles understand how to choreograph and how to
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synchronize what they need to do, your core becomes stronger and stronger as you dance. >> fly up and catch it. bring it on the waist. >> while i was using a lot of core, arms, legs. my whole entire body. >> it's super challenging, a different way of moving. >> it's like a meditation and a work out. it's a full body work out. it's accessible to people who don't know how to do a lot of sports. >> it's fun. it's light hearted. it expands your energy. you are able to get playful while you are toning your body and becoming flexible. >> you can get a work out without knowing you are getting a work out. go with an open mind and play. >> you may have noticed there were no men at the moment. the instructor says men are welcome. go to to
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find out more. >> there's a reason why men aren't there. >> we can't hula. >> why can't you? >> because we can't -- >> it's in the hips. >> show me what you can't do. come on, let me see. >> they did it with elvis and they had to do it below the waist. remember? >> times have changed. all right. it's wet out there, doug. >> it's a little wet out there. we have showers going on out there now. continuing to move through the area and they are going to continue to move on through through the rest of the evening hours. the heaviest rain is out of here. take a look at this shot. the national cathedral there. fog and low clouds now. notice the scaffolding earlier on the top. still from the earthquake, it's well over a month and a half ago. 64 degrees out there with the winds out of the east and northeast. the winds have been gusty this afternoon. it's been cool. a little breezy out there. we have had the rain out there
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from time to time. the rain has been on the heavy size. 57 in frederick. 64 in washington. right now, the river coming in at 68 degrees. everybody on the cooler side of things, take a look. we have an abundant number of showers out there. the heaviest rain in the baltimore area. dumped.2 inch. there's still a few more showers to the south. we'll zoom in here and you can see the showers across the district. down toward potomac. we are watching the showers toward the beltway, to the south and east, along the chesapeake bay. down around the deal area, seeing showers. most of these are light to moderate showers at times. no heavy rain. you can see quan coe and woodbridge. the heavy rain along the i-95 corridor. as we widen out, today's rain is
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through the overnight hours. this is another area of storminess that makes its way through. we have a stormy pattern coming up. no big storms or heavy rain. what we are going to see are the cloud cover, a shower here and there, cooler temperatures and the wind like fall over the next few days. the heavy rain moves out. 11:00 tonight, around 11:30. tomorrow morning, a few showers. mostly dry tomorrow morning until we see more showers develop once again during the afternoon. maybe some of those on the moderate to heavy side. nothing too bad. this evening showers likely. 63 to 60 degrees. for tomorrow morning, waking up to temperatures into the 50s. 56 to 61. watch out for patchy fog tomorrow and a few light showers. most of the showers should come during the afternoon. 71 to 74 degrees for your day on your thursday. as we move on through the rest
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of the days, we are talking 76 on friday. chance of showers on friday. then windy and cooler coming up this weekends. if you have anything coming up on saturday, 20 to 30-mile-an-hour winds. >> i have a walk for farm animals saturday, seriously. >> i think you are going to deal with the wind. >> from 2:00 to 3:30. okay. all right. >> thank you, doug. still to come, a murder investigation in a quiet virginia neighborhood. the police think they know the motive behind the stabbing. he was a trail blazer for the gay rights movement. d.c. leaders are remembering frank. an
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are you suffering blackberry withdrawal tonight? millions of smartphone users have been doing without. the apparent three-day outage left many without services. the widespread outages hit the area. we have more on how people are coping with this failure. john? >> reporter: good evening. it is amazing how dependent we are on these devices. we don't realize it until they go down. if you are a blackberry user not able to send e-mails or use the internet, there's a glimmer of good news, you are not alone.
5:25 pm
monday, it was worldwide. it's spread to north america today. the company that makes these phones, the canadian company, research in motion says expect intermitte intermittent delays. the bulk of users are having issues with e-mail, internet and bbm service. the company says it problems started on monday worldwide because of the crucial link in infrastructure that failed. the back-up system also failed. there's no reason why. there are plenty of black berry users on dupont circle. >> i'm good with e-mail. i'm not good when i want to surf the net. >> it's tough. everyone is in the situation. >> it's a work e-mail. >> are they okay with it? >> you have to be in your office
5:26 pm
more than you are used to. >> this is how i facebook all day. >> i facebook on the phone and haven't been able to get through all day. >> don't mess with facebook. a lot of blackberry users use it for work and the bbm service. it's like sending a text message, but it's free. apple had a similar software and friday, they are coming out with a new version of the iphone. plenty of user who is use blackberry say with the latest problem, it might be time to switch. we are live in dupont circle. >> thanks, john. a surprise decision by defense the conrad murray trial. lawyers are changing their tune about how they think michael jackson got a lethal dose of prescription drugs. people stuck on a train platform, we are asking how the situations can be prevented. >> reporter: a car from d.c.
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a crime in fairfax county. an arrest in prince george's county. it's like having an episode of it's like having an episode of cops right in your own backyard, you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible
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welcome back. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. we are watching the showers continuing across the area. we are going to see the showers through the rest of the evening hours.
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now, the heaviest showers coming through the warrenton areaarea. heads up there. tonight and into tomorrow, we are in at least a fairly wet pattern. make sure to keep the umbrellas handy. the heaviest rain moved on. now and the rest of the evening, watch out for the showers. watch out for the big changes over the weekend. jim? >> thank you, doug. a plot made for the movies. a police chase in fairfax county came to a dramatic end ten miles away in prince george's county. it ended with extensive damage to a mercedes-benz. it can be broken down by pat collins. he's got the story for us. pat? >> reporter: jim, 11:00 a.m.
5:31 pm
justice in the fast lane. the finish line of a hot pursuit. this mercedes car with a shredded rear tire. these fairfax officers duct taping bumpers back on to their cruisers. in custody, a suspect known to his friends as boo. you almost need a map to follow this story. an unusual number of circumstances. an alleged crime at this home in fairfax and came to an abrupt end in fairfax county. stephanie lives at this home. this morning, a man named boo came uninvited to her house and ripped her off. how much did he take from you? >> it was like $200. >> reporter: $200? >> $200, cash money. out of my purz. >> reporter: he took off? >> yeah. >> reporter: you call 911?
5:32 pm
>> yeah. >> reporter: it struck three police cruisers. ten miles away in prince george's county, it came to an end. he came down this access road. it's when he hit this barrier and that barrier and another barrier over here. finish line. mike was there when the cops moved in for the arrest. >> the officers came and drew their weapons at him. there were five or six officers. that was it. >> reporter: no one injured. the man they call boo, taken away. so was that mercedes car. she says she's got to get her money back. what are you going to do? >> they are fast. fairfax is very fast. they were here quick. >> reporter: police in two jurisdictions working to sort out the charges in this case. jim, back to you. >> a lot of drama over quite a
5:33 pm
distance. pat collins, thank you, pat. we are breaking news. there was a shooting at a hair salon in california. six people have been killed. three have been wounded. the police have arrested the suspect. these are live pictures from the chopper over the salon there. again, the suspect was arrested. multiple weapons seized. killed six people at a hair salon. this is in sill beach, california. others have been wounded there. we will stay on top of this as we get more details on how it happened. defense lawyers for michael jackson's doctor dropped the claim the pop star gave himself a lethal dose of propofol. this is after doctors say swallowing it would have little or no effect on a person's body. today, the prosecution called a cordologist to the stand that testified dr. conrad murray
5:34 pm
deviated from standards including administering propofol outside a hospital. >> giving somebody propofol in somebody's home, unmonitored without the proper equipment, medical personnel or back up was also an extreme deviation from the standard of care. >> they plan to call two more witnesses before resting the case. it's not clear whether dr. murray will take the stand in his defense. a 20-year-old man is dehind bars accused of stabbing a man to death. it happens at the intersection of charles and pelham streets. thigh found a 33-year-old lying on the road with multiple stab wounds. he was pronounced dead on the scene. witnesses put police on the trail of a suspect. >> it is believes that the suspect and the victim were involved in a dispute involving illegal narcotics.
5:35 pm
that led to last night's fatal incident. officers arrested this man of fredericksburg. he's charged with first degree murder. the contributions of gay rights activist are being remembered tonight in washington. he died at his home in northwest d.c. yesterday. his public fight began in 1957 after he was fired from his job as a government astronomer. he filed suit and lost but the fight never stopped. he's known for staging one of the first gay protests in front of the white house. equal rights for gays and lesbians. today, they took a moment to remember the contributions. >> he left a footprint here. he left his mark on our community not by one thing he did, but the add damage that one person can change the world. it's how he changed his life. he left a void to which we are going to need to find the next
5:36 pm
one. >> the medical examiners said he may have died of a heart attack or heart failure. he was 86 years old. for the first time in 14 years, a new area code is coming to maryland. it is 667. this new area code comes into play starting in march. it will be used in 15 counties and the city of baltimore. the last new area codes came in 1997 when 240 and 443 were added. still ahead, identifying dangers inside your bedroom. getting a new mattress could save your life. a shock for drivers. a plane comes crashing in for a
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this is not a runway. this is a turnpike in the miami, florida area where a single engine plane crash landed around 1:00 this afternoon shutting down the turnpike for hours. police say the plane had a mechanical problem. the pilot was trying to land in an airport and couldn't make it. here at nbc 4, we are very proud of our wednesday's child program. through the years we helped hundreds of children find permanent and loving forever homes. >> our long time commitment to children was recognized during an awards ceremony where we were joined by our partner, freddie mac. we go to the gala where this prestigious award was presented.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: over 600 people gathered here in washington for the 13th annual angels and adoption gala. the event recognizes the work of individuals and groups nationwide for work on behalf of orphans and children in foster care. it was conceived by mary landrieu when she came to washington 15 years ago. >> 600 people here in washington, d.c. coming from all over the country. they have received recognition from their member of congress or senators saying thank you for doing something special for children. >> reporter: the wednesday's child program was singled out this year. freddie mac foundation said getting the word out is important. >> the more people of influence who know about the need and know what can be done, that's the great thing about wednesday's child and the great media em
5:41 pm
bass dors we have had. you and the folks at nbc 4 really embraced this concept. >> reporter: while the program began here at nbc 4 in washington, freddie mac took the idea across the country and supports similar programs on television stations in major cities nationwide. news anchors and producers from those communities were among those called to the stage to receive the award. >> the wednesday's child is so important. thousands of children. now with the internet, these children aren't broken. their families may be. they aren't. they need someone to reach out and say it's not your fault. you are smart, you are beautiful and bright. >> it represents for nbc 4 nearly three decades of service to those children of the washington metro area who wait and hope for forever homes. barbara harrison, news 4 for
5:42 pm
wednesday's child. >> as always, if you have room in your home and heart for one of our waiting wednesday's children, call our special adoption hot line. or log on to congratulations to barbara. >> absolutely. still to come, chaos an the metro platform, an emergency leaves hundreds of riders trapped. now, we are asking what can be
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5:44 pm
were you one of the thousands of metro passengers stuck on the platform at the
5:45 pm
orange line last night because of the chaos there? you know what i'm talking about. it happened when a man was hit by a train at the station. derrick ward is at the he headquarte headquarters. >> reporter: this was a horri horrifying incident. a man threw himself under the train and was alive and trapped under the train on the tracks. it was horrifying for folks aboveground as well. many not knowing what happened. many caught in the crush of commuters and many wondering what would happen to them. well, today, in the aftermath, metro is looking at what it did and what it can do better. it was the worst case scenario. a man jumped in front of a train in an incident that csed both trains to be energized at a time they could least afford it to be. it was a matter of life or
5:46 pm
death. >> many customers experienced delays and inconveniences for this. we were responding to an emergency where a living person was trapped under the train. that was our priority at the moment. >> they were yelling. some people didn't know where to go. they were standing in place. >> reporter: bussing passengers would provide little relief at this station. >> 30 to 45 people per bus. you need 16 to 20 buses per train. >> reporter: today, a calmer scene at the rosalynn station. mixed reactions to the way metro handled emergencies. >> i take metro for many years and i don't think that metro is doing a good job handling, you know, emergency situations. >> i have never had problems. i mean it's good commuting. >> reporter: add to the nightmare scenario, escalators
5:47 pm
designed to shut down with excessive loads. it requires the machine be inspected to ensure there was no damage. >> reporter: the victim was taken from the tracks alive. time to review and hopefully improve. >> we are reviewing the aspect of our response and the county's response to look for any possible ways where we could find efficiencies or better ways to respond. >> reporter: coming up in this 6:00 hour, more on the resources and systems metro provides which will probably happen again. we are live outside metro headquarte headquarters, back to you. >> now a final check on the weather. >> cloudy and the shower activity will remain across much of the region. some areas, dry spots. i think you'll see the showers.
5:48 pm
keep the umbrellas handy. no soccer games going on. these are the brand-new fields at 395. you can see wet roadways out there. of course the wet fields, too. 66 degrees is the current temperature. winds out of the east at 9 miles an hour. the easterly wind is pushing the moist air along blue ridge. showers through warrenton and culpeper county. right to the east of the blue ridge around the front royal region, too. leesburg is starting to see the ra around blue month. herndon, fairfax down 123 toward overnight a few more showers. tomorrow, high temperatures get back into the low 70s. the wind shifts out of the south. we are going to see our chance of showers. most of those late in the day.
5:49 pm
tomorrow is a drier day. the complete forecast and extended coming up at 6:00. >> see you doug. a story on chris cooley and his mom. >> his mom had breast cancer in 2008. now, he's making a big impact in the community with his wife christy and continuing to pay it forward. a great community effort. he had off season knee surgery. he's yet to return to full strength. it's limited his production to seven catches in 66 yards. he's staying positive. his biggest contribution is his leadership in the. he's a leader in the community making an impact on women dealing with breast cancer. he's a fighter on the football field despite injuries number 47 gives everything he had for that extra yard. he's been playing like that during his entire eight year nfl career. it's nothing compared to the fight his mother endured for
5:50 pm
three years off the field. nancy cooley was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, just a week shy of chris' marriage to his wife christy. today, nancy is cancer free. the entire cooley family has not forgotten her battle. led by chris, his teammates and his entire organization, the war on breast cancer wages on. this week, chris hosted the third annual cooley's for the cure. an event to raise money for breast cancer charities. several teammates were on hand at clydes in ash burn. >> with a cause like this, i think it's near and dear to chris. coming out to support him was easy for us to do. >> he's a good guy. i met his mother. she's a great lady. i'm glad to be here to help. >> i couldn't be more pleased with the way this community turned out and supported me.
5:51 pm
not just community, but teammates and family. everyone that cares about me has been supportive. it's so much more important for me to be a part of this. >> reporter: the very next day, the battle moved to redskins park for the fourth annual all-star survival celebration. a survivor joined the cooley's to an afternoon of pampering support and celebration. the owner's wife is a spokesperson for the awareness campaign. >> today is about having fun and to being inspired and knowing it's going to be okay. hang in there. a lot of these women, they have kids at home. they have a lot to fight for. it's tough. it is tough to go through what they are going through. i'm just, you know, for them to have an enjoyable day, a life changing day, we are going to have those experiences to lift them up and help them get
5:52 pm
through this tough hardship they are going through now. >> i'm thankful i can make an impact. more importantly, i'm thankful i can spend time with these women and get to know them and give them hope for the battle they are going through. >> pink has been the color of the month at nfl games. for the burgundy and gold, fighting breast cancer is a cause near and dear to the heart of the entire organization. the 20 women at the all-star survivors celebration were surprised with tickets for the game against the eagles. they will welcome the team on to the field during player introductio introductions. it's going to be fun for them. a neat opportunity to be able to have that day of pampering and support. i'm sure it lifted their spirits. >> good story, thanks. jim vance joins us with a preview of what's coming up at 6:00. >> coming up, the gop candidates came out swinging in new
5:53 pm
hampshire. who came out on top and whose campaign is lacking. a family made a call to 911 begging for help when they got stuck in a corn maze. that could be tricky. >> scarey. ♪ >> don't you love that? you go. get it, girl. those are the latest youtube sensatio sensations. today, they were on national television. what a surprise they got. it was on the ellen show. we'll show you what happened. >> she's amazing. she is just amazing. >> she is. everybody is seeing it. see you then. thank you, jim. after the break, every day risks inside your
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popular tv show, dinosaur train visited the national mall. it was part of the celebration of fossil day. kids learned about dinosaurs and collected setments. they are asked to explore the natural world. geo sciences.
5:57 pm
the t-rex topped off the occasion. >> he's the same color as your tie. >> because i knew he was going to be in town today. >> i know. we are going to shift gearing and talk about a serious topic. 24,000 people die from house fires. >> tom sherwokos till low has m how to keep you safe. >> get out of the house. >> we can't. there's nothing open. if i open the door, there's too much smoke. >> reporter: through years of reporting about house fires, we learned how to crawl through a smoke-filled home to find a child. >> reach in and find your child, bring your child to the crib edge, tilt it over. put him to your chest, stay low and find your way out. >> reporter: we followed arson investigators. >> it started here at this
5:58 pm
electrical outlet. there was an extension cord plugged in that went to a space heater. >> reporter: we visited the fire research center. this is the least fire resistant roof. it's a wood shake roof. of the 386,000 home fires each year, the majority are cooking fires. they cost 150 lives each year. while there are for fewer cigarette related fires they are far more deadly. 600 people die in smoking related fires. >> get a new mattress. they require a barrier in the mattress that prevents it from spreading. >> meanwhile, fireplace,
5:59 pm
chimneys cause 57,000 fires and 227 deaths. tiki torch or gel fuel seen here on an infrared camera. don't use it. all of it has been recalled. >> that was tom reporting. that is it for news 4 at 5:00. >> stay there, news 4 at 6:00 starts now. tonight at 6:00, crime confession. the woman accused of stabbing a shopper outside a target store has details about the random attack come to light. metro says it was the perfect storm. but the transit agency is looking for ways to avoid another chaotic commute in light of the accident that happened yesterday. >> millions of blackberry customers are offline now. the outages are spreading.


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